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We provide the best Male & Female Strippers for Party Events such as Birthdays, Hens Parties, Bucks Shows, Charity events & more.

We DO NOT  provide Escort services of any kind.

Payment Requirements

Deposit is required upon confirmation of booking via Bank or Credit Card,  Pay ID or cash.


Cancellation Fees

Eye Candy Entertainment action the required work for your booking at the time your deposit is paid and the booked contractor(s) will reject any additional work offered to them from that time forward. Therefore, the cancellation of a booking at any time will result in the loss of the deposit or  full amount paid. Cancellations will result in any balance to be paid in full to the individual entertainer/s for loss of work if not already paid prior. Alternatively, you can re-book the same entertainment with the same contractors for a future date within 30 days. For cancellations that involve a third party e.g. Package bookings, the deposit paid toward the reservation and/or arrangement of these cannot be refunded at all.

Cancelling such services as Party Boats, Party Bus, Private Party Rooms or Nightclub Packages will result in loss of any payment made in booking the service.



If your artist(s) cancel their booking and Eye Candy Entertainment are unable to find a replacement within a suitable time frame you will be refunded deposit.

There will be no refunds on outsourced services including Party Boats, Party Bus, Private Party Rooms or Nightclub Packages.


Requested Performer (s)

Eye Candy Entertainment cannot guarantee your requested performer(s) as it is simply impossible under certain circumstances. We will however endeavor to provide you with an adequate replacement in your preferred order of request.


Time & Travel

Eye Candy Entertainment at no time guarantees the specified time of artist(s) as stated on your booking form due to the possibility of unforeseen circumstances. Performer(s) are advised to arrive 30mins either side of time booked i.e. 10pm booking slot to arrive between 9.30pm and 10.30pm however this may be subject to time, date, location & availability or any changes made to your booking times, date & location.

No Travel Fee within 25km's of the CBD, travel fees may apply outside 25km's or after 12am.

Artists, Performers,  Waiters & Waitresses may be accompanied by Security or Assistants for bookings after 12am.


Agreement between Artist, Client & Eye Candy Entertainment

Eye Candy Entertainment are contracted on behalf of the artist to represent them within the entertainment industry. At no time and under no circumstances, is the artist to deal direct with the Client, vice versa. When contracting artist through Eye Candy Entertainment the Client understands that from this point on, their contact with Eye Candy Entertainment is forthcoming. As the artist representative, it is imperative that all correspondence is handled through Eye Candy Entertainment. Please note that any false information or defaming conversation regarding Eye Candy Entertainment is a breach of the law, under the section Defamation, and will result in legal action being taken immediately. Eye Candy Entertainment inform all Artist’s to refrain from any further interaction with the Client and must report any attempts to Eye Candy Entertainment. It is also an express condition that all negotiations at any time in the future for employing artist’s represented by Eye Candy Entertainment herein or otherwise registered with be exclusively conducted through Eye Candy Entertainment.



To avoid confusion when dealing with taxation issues (PAYG does not apply to employers sub-contracting ABN holders), we have recommended that all artist have a registered Australian Business Number (ABN) from the Australian Taxation Office. The artist will supply a tax invoice to the client on request.


Public Liability & Insurance Policies

As Eye Candy Entertainment at no time is deemed to employ the Artist, therefore cannot be held responsible for events occurring during the period of their management, it is the responsibility of the Client to ensure adequate levels of Public Liability Insurance exist to cover all Artist’s used at any / all locations. Please Note: Eye Candy Entertainment is not liable for any loss or liability that may incur, not limited to personal injury and/or loss, for this reason Eye Candy Entertainment does not require, nor holds, any insurances for artist represented by Eye Candy Entertainment.


Images, Footage & Copyright Laws

There is to be no images and/or footage of artist to be taken, including mobile phone cameras at any time prior, during or at completion of the performance, unless prior authorisation has been granted by the individual artist. If approval is given the ownership of all images of the Artist remain with the Artist at all times and any unauthorised use or replication of their image will be an infringement of Australian Copyright Laws.

Any image (still or moving) used without written authorisation from the artist or Eye Candy Entertainment will be deemed unauthorised usage and will be subject to legal proceedings.

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